Implant Restoration

Alabaster AL Implant Restoration Services

A dental implant is a great option for many people dealing with tooth loss. If you are looking for a replacement tooth that is designed to last the rest of your life, it’s time you considered how an implant from Dr. Boohaker, your dentist in Alabaster, AL, could improve your oral health.


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement. There are two main stages to getting a dental implant: placing the implant into the jawbone and then placing the implant restoration (typically a crown) over the implant. Before you even get your implant, you will have a consultation to make sure your smile is healthy enough for implants. Once the implant is surgically placed, the next step is to create the restoration that will replace the crown of your tooth. The restoration is the part everyone sees when you smile, so you’ll want a restoration that looks just like a real tooth.


In many cases, the dental crown is fitted over your implant several months after your implant has been placed in the jawbone. This time allows for the bone and tissue to fuse together with the implant to create a permanent foundation from which to hold your implant restoration.


Just as you would if you were getting a dental crown for a damaged tooth, your Alabaster AL dentist will need to take impressions of your mouth so a properly sized crown can be created for your smile. Also, the crown will need to be matched to the color of the rest of your teeth so it blends seamlessly with your smile. No one should ever be able to tell that you have a dental crown.


Of course, it can take a couple weeks for a dental lab to fabricate your dental crown. Once you come in for your fitting we will make sure that everything looks right and make any necessary adjustments before permanently cementing the crown over the implant.


And what if you are replacing several or all of your teeth? Multiple implants can also be placed along the jawbone to hold a dental bridge or dentures. That’s right; implants aren’t just for single dental restorations. They can also securely hold other restorations to replace one, some or all of your missing teeth.


If you are interested in finding out more about implant restorations and how your smile will look with a dental implant then it’s time to give Dr. Boohaker in Alabaster, AL a call today to schedule a consultation at (205) 621-4007.